My Work

Karabos Media was launched in 2000. My logo (a dung beetle rolling a ball of words) sums up what I do! I write/edit/proofread books about environmental matters or natural sciences. Some of my clients past and present are as follows: Cambridge University Press, Jacana Media, FAO, World Bank, De Beers, UNEP, DANCED…

Here are some of the books I have written:

I have researched and written or edited the following newsletters, reports, brochures and conference proceedings:
– newsletter on Cleaner Production in the fishing industry
– guidelines for regulators on Cleaner Production in the textile industry
– Environmental Conference 2004 proceedings (De Beers)
– Ecosystems Approach to Fisheries Management guidelines booklet for FAO
– CoastCare brochure (DEAT – Marine and Coastal Management)
– Sustainability in business/industry case study brochure: ‘What Works’
– Training kit on the Global Compact principles (both the trainer’s and the delegates manuals with power point slides (UNEP)
– Executive Summary Report for EIA report on Natural Gas Project (World Bank).

I have also edited up to 30 text books for various publishers.

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