Spring has sprung

Today’s species of the day – a big crusty knobbly grasshopper – (although beautiful inside I have no doubt), resembles one of the baddies in Bug’s Life…so I am not going to give him centre stage today. I wish him well as he faces the perils of (wait for it….) habitat loss in the south of France, poor thing.

Instead I thought I would share some of the glorious colours and textures from my garden.
Spring has indeed sprung! The moment the sun starts tickling the scrunched up buds, papery petals unfurl and there is a burst of colour. Unassuming little plants – tucked away in forgotten corners – have become a riot of colour. Carpets of fat, fleshy succulents turn from green to red in hours.

The birds are all celebrating with a wonderful, wild early morning chorus. The Bokmakierie has been particularly strident and sociable this year, and sometimes comes hopping right up to my study door. The Lesser-double collared sunbirds are here too – feasting on the Wild dagga, with its woolly orange pompoms and tubes full of sweet juice. The Malachite sunbird – with his extraordinary cloak of metallic green cannot resist the pincushion protea! Kids in a candy shop!

What an awesome time of year!