About african notes

In african notes, I intend to share my musings about the wild and woolly places that I cycle or walk through and the wonderful creatures and plants that I often meet along the way on this wonderful continent. Sometimes these encounters will happen while out on the trails, sitting at my desk as I wade through stuff to write about in my books, while traipsing through my garden with my son or when walking with my two beautiful Ridgebacks …

I am as passionate about being out in the mountains as I am about the natural world and about how we all need seek ways to tread lightly upon this exceptional (but terribly bruised) planet of ours. If I find ways to do just that, I will share them with you. Whoever you may be!?

I am truly blessed to spend many hours in the mountains of the western Cape (and sometimes beyond). It seems wrong to keep all my sightings and thoughts to myself, so come tread lightly with me…

2 thoughts on “About african notes

  1. Many thanks for the link; I appreciate it. Having a brief look at some of your posts I think I’ll find a great deal to enjoy in Running Wild and much to learn about your part of the world. Looking forward to it very much…and nice to be in touch! To joyful encounters with the wild…

    • Thanks Julian. Very early days, so no big local discoveries and adventures written about as yet! But they’re coming! Love your blog – very inspiring. K

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