About me

I am a mountain lover, environmental writer and mother of one. My passion for the natural world and a desire to fix all that we are doing to it runs deep. I am happiest when in the mountains, which is somewhere I am privileged enough to be very often! I live in Noordhoek in the Western Cape in a beautiful home nestled in an indigenous garden at the foot of a glorious mountain range – with the ever present smell and sound of the sea.

I write mainly for school kids and almost always about matters environmental. I have an overriding interest in species, habitat loss and in looking at ways to live ‘lightly’. My hope is to generate much more awareness in people; to whip up a desire to shift behaviour and to help people see the connections between all that they do and how the Earth copes (or does not cope!)

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Karoline,

    It was so lovely to chat today! I wish I was blessed with some natural writing talent…. you make it seem so easy! Maybe in my next life… 😉

    Lovely blog and love your point of view…! 😉

    All the best,

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