When God threw his toys


Many billions of years ago, God had a gargantuan hissy fit – a tantrum of truly epic proportions.

Thunder roared and growled and fire balls cleaved the clouds as he tossed all his toys out of his big sky tree-house – one by one.

They tumbled down, broke into a thousand fragments, scattered and thrust themselves firmly into the barren land below.

There they all lie. Whenever I journey north to the Cedarberg mountains, I find my way to them.

On a walk one afternoon, I came across a new toy explosion playground.


Shards of sunlight thrust through the clouds, tickling the mountain tips and valleys…throwing warm yellow-orange showlights onto the stage of toy detritus.


What delight…! To walk between these citadels – red rock towers that tease the mind and play with the imagination, changing chameleon-like from one minute to the next in the early morning or late evening sunlight.


Seahorses vie with dragons and leopards and …if you stare long enough, five different facial profiles will leap out from a single rock face.


Here a Star Wars monster looms above us….any minute now he will break his shackles and move robotically towards us….destroying everything in his path.


It is a veritable Easter Island visual feast, although in this case, these masterpieces are not at the hand of man.

Knowing that these miraculous, natural works of art have been made over millennia as the Earth has shivered, wrinkled, exploded, divided, heated, cooled, dried, pushed and pulled… makes it all the more extraordinary.

What a world we live in.