Nesting Eagles

I know I promised a snippet on Squire Waterton….but he can wait a bit.

Today, Warren and I took our son Tim up Noordhoek Peak to show him the Black Eagle nest. We have been waiting for the right time to take him to this site. It is a fairly precipitous viewing ledge and we felt he needed to be mature/quiet enough to handle the long (often chilly) wait.

We did not have to wait very long at all before we saw one arrive at the nest to join the other (deep inside and not visible from above). There is much bringing of sticks and twigs and green matter going on at the moment. This is all very promising.

We watched them for a little over an hour. In that time we watched one of them (we like to think it was the female) feeding on a fairly large prey item, while the male looked on. Stocking up on the energy needed before popping perhaps?

Last year, the same pair started incubating on or around the 9th May, so we could be in for another treat! If they do breed again, 2012 will be their ninth consecutive breeding year, which is quite a record.

I will make a point of popping by quite regularly in the next few weeks to see if this glorious pair are successful in bringing another exquisite raptor into the world.