We got back from the Kgalagadi last week. There are so many photos to share, but we’re still wading through them all. I have some great stories and snippets which I will bring to you over the next few weeks.

It was SIZZLING up there! On our hottest day, the mercury inched a little above the 45°C mark. The park is parched, and we had several days where hungry bush fires raged and boiled beyond the boundaries and within the park. On one or two evenings massive storm clouds gathered up their skirts and danced cheekily, the sky made promising rumbles, lightning sliced up the sky and a damp-smelling hot wind churned up the dust in the river bed. Yet always, there were just one or two tantalizing drops to show for it.

The swimming pool at our second camp was out of order on Day 2. “Too little water”, our camp manager said, shaking his head… “No rain since early December!” They are having to suck water from deep, deep below ground using generators throughout the day to keep the water holes going and to provide water for guests.

Despite all that, we saw some fantastic creatures and made some wonderful memories. A highlight for me has to be when we were out on an evening drive. A fat, perfectly round orange full moon shimmied its way up into the sky.. and as if to celebrate its magnificence, at that very moment, a massive dark-maned lion strutted his stuff beneath it and roared several times. There is nothing quite like that sound, especially when so close. It goes right through you.

Two other highlights were our leopard and meerkat sightings…both were on Tim’s wish list before we headed up this time, so it was wonderful to spend time sitting and watching both.

More stories and photos to come soon…

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