New Year

This is a photo of 2011’s last big juicy sun sinking behind the Noorhoek sea. Warren and I waved goodbye from the top of a beautiful mountain. We snacked on pate and raised our glasses of bubbly and gave a toast to the beauty around us. We said Adios to the year from what has to have been one of THE most beautiful spots in the world. Well, we thought so anyway!

And here we are, 6 days into a brand new year and on the eve of another trip up north to Big Sky, Big Cat country – the Kgalagadi. The excitement is mounting. I can’t wait to feel that hot red sand between my toes, go to sleep to the sound of giggling hyena and spend hours watching all that wonderful wildlife theatre play out…

A friend and I have made a pact to one another this year. To speak to one another only of positive, beautiful things relating to the world around us. The positive energy is wonderful. In the past few days we have shared stories of swims with dolphins, fish nibbling our toes in mountain streams, leopard scat, newborn owls and so much more. There are so many things to wonder and marvel at. It makes a refreshing change from our rather depressing habit of bemoaning the state of the world and what we are doing to it. No more of that…

I hope to share as many wonderful wild sightings and experiences with you this year. I aim to keep it positive and to dwell on the brilliance of it all.

Happy New Year to you all!

4 thoughts on “New Year

  1. Marvellous and inspiring post, capped off with a lovely sunburst image. Despite the many issues we and the planet and other creatures face, there is much to rejoice in, to wonder at and embrace in all its beauty and mystery. A raised glass, then, to “wonderful wild sightings and experiences.” Without them there would be little to fight for…best wishes for a joyful and creative 2012.

  2. Amen to all that! Big smile for 2012, and many more along the way. Bonne Route and drive safely, longing to see and hear all your Kgalagadi adventures.

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