The significant lull in posts can be explained.
Ever since my (in retrospect) short-sighted-drugged-up Puffer craziness, I have been:
1) on crutches for a week;
2) told I cannot drink wine for 2 months; and
3) told I cannot run for 4-6 weeks.

As a result, I have been a bear with a VERY sore head and not much fun to live with.

I miss the mountains, the sugarbirds, the mossy rocks, the swollen rivers, the breeze whizzing past my ears and the feeling of my feet hitting the gravel…

I have had to get my endorphins from within the confines of a big scary gym with its four-walled-doof-doof-big-machine-manic-sweating-body-madness. Hardly inspiring me to write.

BUT there is light at the end of the tunnel. The injury is clearing up and the pain diminishes daily. I hope to be back in my trail shoes before too long.

Watch this space….

With big thanks to Eric Tollner (Red Earth) for his brilliant picture above – see his blog on this page