Running in heaven

Every now and again I get the chance to head out into the wilderness and taste heaven..this weekend was no exception. Tim was well taken care of (with the best grandparents in the world!!)…and I was free as a bird and able to soar for hours in the mountains above Greyton.

I ran the Greyton-McGregor trail route (out and back) – which one way, is roughly 14 kays worth of winding-up-and-down gravel strewn single track. The trail ultimately spits hikers out at a hut overlooking the McGregor valley.

I had to bag about 5-6 hours on Saturday (‘had to’ based on a training schedule for an ultra trail race that looms large) I opted to head McGregor-wards. Once I reached the hut, I added an extra, easy 12 kays into the mix.

This is a photo of me and my trusty ‘Wings’ taking a short break looking back on the home stretch..

In the first hour I spotted two rather skittish Klipspringer as they leapt from rock to rock and charged up the mountain with enviable, consummate ease. Minutes after that, I watched a juvenile Black Eagle soaring below me looking quite weighed down by a large prize (about the size of an adult dassie!)
Amazing to see.

I did not see a single human on that stretch….was just the mountain and I. Complete and utter bliss.

Today I did another little 2 hour jaunt out into the Greyton farmlands…this photo speaks volumes I think.

The place oozes serenity from every pore..the soft light, happy lambs, rolling green hills and blue mountains behind. When I took this photo, I had a handful of blue crane gurgling in the sky above, a lone coucal bubbling away in the wetlands below, and just minutes before, had heard two Fish Eagle calling in the valley.

….such is paradise.

4 thoughts on “Running in heaven

  1. What a privilige, not only to live in this paradise, but also to host three “real” children who know how to play, without play stations, lap tops, television or cell phones – Tim has at last met up with some real Kids of Nature!

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