Got my mojo back!

I have come back from the past few runs this week feeling flat and miserable. My legs have felt like lead, the voices in my head have been chattering away VERY negatively about the rigorous training schedule that lies before me…and the pain in my butt has been….well, just a big pain in the butt that will not go away. I think I have been suffering from what is possibly a fairly common case of running blues. I had lost my mojo.
Today was different…
I headed out just after lunch…the winter sun was warm, not hot and there was the gentlest of breezes tickling the ocean. I headed first up chappies on the tar and then just beyond the top lookout point, I swung a right and headed up, up and up into the mountain with Chapmans Peak proper in my sights. The views were breathtaking, the sunbirds were bursting with song, there were ericas and proteas aplenty. The route down was the best though. From the trig beacon, I took the Hoerikwagga path down – and it was an absolute treat. I couldn't resist taking all these photos. What a stunning new perspective on Chappies. I think I may just have discovered a new training route (just under 2 hours out and back from home) with some awesome technical work thrown in. THIS is what it's all about.

I may just have got my mojo back….

5 thoughts on “Got my mojo back!

  1. Viva Mojo Viva! And bring on a photographic running journal called ‘Views from the top’….’Views from the trail’!?

  2. The best news in a long long time…….keep up the views, we need reminding how beautiful our land is and not to take one moment of beauty for granted.

  3. Great photographs which hopefully will stimulate many others to see this beautiful area by walking if they can do the route! More please from other parts of the mountain.

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