Going batty

Tim was paging through a wonderful book the other day called ‘Ecology Crafts for Kids’…
In it there is a brilliant ‘recipe’ for a bat box. The list of requirements is simple and all the wood needed could be gathered off scrap heaps or found discarded lying about a building site.
Tim is hugely excited and has set his heart on building one this weekend. He has been drawing pictures of bats hanging inside the box, bats flitting about outside the box, bats at night peeking out of the slit in the box and bats sitting in trees around the house ….in anticipation of the box (!)
So this is what we shall be doing this weekend…

Here is the pic in the book – we shall aim for something similar and hope we get some little furry friends in time.

One thought on “Going batty

  1. Well done – should be encouraged through all our schools. Now you must let us know when bats arrive, and what species too!

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