Happiness is…

Just spent a couple of hours pottering about in the garden. Pure joy! Have created one or two new beds and pathways. Bit by bit horrid lifeless lawn is giving way to wonderful lush bushy stuff and windy pathways and already the frogs, mice, spiders and butterflies are pulling in!

…I then spread my own wonderful rich mulchy compost in the veggie patch…

..and joy of joys Tim and I created a pond!
Thanks to one of the Toad NUTS (Suzie) I was given a large rectangular plastic bath of sorts. I have sunk it into the ground and today we added rocks and water plants! Cannot wait to see who will come visiting. Our hope is that we will have many Western Leopard Toads making their way to our little corner to breed up a storm. Watch this space.

4 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. What a pleasure to open a positive blog such as this one! Let us all know when your first Western Leopard Toad arrives!

  2. Lovely! There’s nothing quite like working with the earth to bring us closer to it. Just beginning in the garden here after a long winter, and the first swallows have returned this week after possibly spending the last few months somewhere by your house!

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