Burning bright

A suitably charismatic species to take us into Christmas Eve…

The Tiger is Endangered. The largest of all cats, the Tiger once occurred throughout central, eastern and southern Asia, but currently survives only in scattered populations.

The Caspian, Javan, and Bali Tigers are already extinct, and of the remaining six subspecies, the South China Tiger has not been observed for many years. With approximately 1,400 individuals, India still has the largest national population; however, globally, no more than about 3,200 Tigers roam free in their natural habitat. Poaching and illegal killing are the major threats to the survival of the remaining populations, but habitat loss and overhunting of Tigers and their natural prey species have caused a reduction in distribution, which is now only seven percent of the historic range.

The key to this species’ survival is the immediate protection of the remaining populations, and, in the long-term, the maintenance or recovery of large tracts of habitat and corridors, together with the sustainable management of prey populations. This will only be possible through mitigation of the conflicts between local people and Tiger conservation.


One thought on “Burning bright

  1. Karoline, I’ve been too busy to catch up with your recent journeys, but will find time as soon as I can. Until then, season’s greetings to you and your family on this eve of Christmas. Keep up the great work and may every moment be wondrous and full of encounters with the creatures around us…

    Best wishes,

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