Sushi or Armadillo?

Today’s incredible looking creature looks a bit like a large nigiri prawn sushi on legs (!)…and if that isn’t bad enough, the Pink Fairy Armadillo has the unfortunate distinction of being classified as Data Deficient on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. It is the smallest of all living armadillos, and can only be found in arid regions of central Argentina.

The Pink Fairy Armadillo is one of the least-known armadillos. It spends most of its time underground and is active at night, making it very difficult to observe in the wild. The reasons for the decline of its wild populations are not clear. Cattle ranching and certain agricultural practices may destroy and fragment their habitat, however, these may also cause direct harm to individuals since they dig through the sand close to the surface. Many individuals are also killed by domestic dogs and cats. In addition, this species appears to be extremely susceptible to stress.

Learning more about the biology and threats of Pink Fairy Armadillos is a priority. Obtaining basic information on this species is the key to evaluating its chances of long-term survival and planning future conservation strategies.
Source: IUCN

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