R.I.P. little robins…

It’s a rather emotional morning in our household.
Yesterday our two little robin eggs hatched (about noon). We all watched the most gorgeous pink and purple little blobs wriggling around and being fed by two very attentive parents. Warren rigged up his tripod upstairs from the bathroom window and we had live coverage, BBC-style, of mummy bird feeding chicks yesterday evening. Here she is feeding …though you can’t see the chick!

Early this morning I popped my head in while they were both ‘out’ and ….the nest is empty!

Tim keeps saying ‘It’s nature Mum!’….but I am finding this one very hard to swallow.

It can only have been a snake or a domestic cat. There are no signs of disturbance around the nest, so I really can’t see how it could be the latter. We heard owls last night….I wonder?

I spoke to a birding expert/friend this morning and her sage words were: ‘Nest failure is common, Karoline….particularly in this part of the world….this is why birds live so long’.

Let’s hope our industrious pair will be able to wipe away their tears and move on…they are singing their little hearts out right now. And, the worst part is, mummy bird keeps instinctively popping back into the nest with a beakfull of fly…

R.I.P. little pink things…

All the birds of the air
fell a-sighing and a-sobbing,
when they heard the bell toll
for poor Cock Robin.

One thought on “R.I.P. little robins…

  1. Yes, “It’s nature Mum…” and perhaps that snake went on to feed its young? Sorry for you. Let’s hope you’ve got a very fertile pair of Robins just waiting to get ‘busy’ again!

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