Run, run, run!

This post has absolutely nothing to do with species or conservation or saving the planet…(well, maybe just a little bit!)

This one is about running and my goals for what’s left of 2010 and then what lies ahead in 2011…

There are one or two biggies on the horizon, but the biggest is going to take place on the 29th May 2011. The Big C as some like to call it. Comrades! I have taken the plunge and entered – that alone took enormous courage! Now all I need to do is train like hell for a couple of months …oh, and run a qualifier in a decent time. I have set my sights on a B seeding, which means I need to run a marathon in 3hrs20. Ouch.

After Comrades I will take a good couple of weeks off (though ‘off’ is a relative term!) and then possibly consider another Puffer (to better my time considerably!) Not sure though…the timing not ideal.

My next big challenge – and this is by far the most exciting goal of all for the year – is a fundraiser challenge – to raise money for Leopard conservation! Plans are embryonic at this stage, but the rough idea is to run for a couple of days in the Baviaanskloof region. I have my eye on the route that a bunch of nutty MTB cyclists do (TransBaviaans -230kays). I would like to tackle that over a period of say 5-6 days. Having raised R24 000 for the toads, I am confident I could raise much more for the Leopards…

Because of Comrades, I am going to be pounding the tar a bit more than usual. Never ideal and not my favourite thing at all. Also having to be part of a couple of bigger road races…again, not my favorite thing in the world! But I will be sure to throw in many trail sessions to keep sane.

So… my big (and small) races as follows:
November: Cape Point Half Marathon; Winelands Marathon
January: Bay to Bay; Red Hill
February: Midnight Hell (50k) – I hope!
April: Two Oceans Marathon
August: Puffer?
October: Run 4 Leopards…(5-6 days, 230k)

Thanks to this website for the very beautiful pic:

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