I’d like to be….under the sea….

I could not resist posting this wonderful picture drawn by my son Tim today. If you look carefully, you will find anenomes, an octopus, an eel, an urchin, coral, jelly-fish, hermit crabs, starfish, a dolphin, sharks eating seals, plankton and a few other deep sea wonders. There is a small ship with a fairly innocuous looking net, thankfully 🙂 and a seagull hovering above it all…

Ocean biodiversity is alive and well – in my child’s imagination at least! Yay!

2 thoughts on “I’d like to be….under the sea….

  1. Karoline, looking at this beautifully drawn and imagined ocean placed even greater emphasis on the plight of the Liben lark and the giant armadillo. Creatures and landscapes are a fierce part of childhood experience, and I would like to see a world where the very species you are wonderfully introducing us to were as numerous and diverse as the ones in your son’s drawing. Bravo to him for showing us the world like it might be…

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