Giant Armadillo

Sorry for the brief lull. I was in the Overberg for a few days. They are really desperate for rain out that way, but despite this, the flowers are bursting out of the scorched, dry soil on the mountain slopes. We saw plenty of Blue Cranes on the way home too, which never fails to lift the spirits!

The Giant Armadillo is Vulnerable. This is the largest living armadillo species, and occurs east of the Andes in South America, from northern Venezuela and the Guianas south to Paraguay, southern Brazil and northern Argentina.

Although still widespread, the Giant Armadillo is patchily distributed and locally rare, and its population is undergoing a decline. The main threat to the species is hunting for its meat, which is compounded by habitat loss from deforestation. Giant Armadillos are also illegally caught to be sold to animal collectors on the black market, but usually die during transport or whilst in captivity.

The Giant Armadillo occurs in a number of protected areas, and international trade in the species is banned by its listing on Appendix I of CITES. However, illegal hunting continues throughout its range, and measures need to be taken both to decrease hunting pressure and to protect the habitat of this unique mammal.
Source: IUCN

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