The eye of the rhino

Rhino poaching has reached unacceptable levels in South Africa this year with up to 20 animals a month being lost. Huge crime syndicates are involved with choppers and sophisticated weapons used to take out these extraordinary creatures.

Look into the eye of this beast. What do you see?

WWF has organised a worldwide Rhino Month campaign in support of the rhino warriors who are on the frontline in the fight against poaching,
culminating in Rhino Day on Wednesday 22 September.

At 1 pm today, people around the world are being asked to dust off their vuvuzelas and make some noise in a symbolic call for effective international action against rhino poaching – using one African horn to call for help for another. (You can also toot your car hooter or anything else that makes a big noise in support of rhinos).

Personally, the idea of making a great big random racket does not appeal one bit to me (!), so rather please focus your energy constructively into the following:
– Spread the word. Tell your friends and families about the crisis and get them fired up and proactive.
Raise money and make a donation to help save Africa’s rhinos. This will ensure that much-needed anti-poaching equipment and support can be secured for rangers across the region. (This includes binoculars, radios, night-vision gear, bullet-proof armour, rhino-tracking and camping equipment. It will also provide essential training for anti-poaching units and be used for emergency veterinary treatments for injured rhino.)
– Send pictures of your Rhino Day and Rhino Month activities to
– Ask friends from Asia to spread the word about how buying rhino horn is illegal and poaching for rhino horn is hurting a precious African resource and icon.

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